Bobby V Schools On ‘Cold As Ice’ Blogs ?

R&B singer Bobby V says blogs are like the word the street and “you can’t take it personal” — something that celebrities like Ne-Yo and Kanye West have talked about in recent weeks. According to Bobby V, who spoke with Singersroom recently, scrutiny in today’s blogs and other websites comes with the territory. “When blog sites first got popular people used to say things about me that wasn’t true,” says the “Beep” singer. “People are going to lie about you and say things about you that are not true. It comes with the territory. I do go on the blog sites and check out the gossip that be going on. It’s like the word on the street but you can’t take it to heart because you’ll be upset if you do.” Unlike some artists who have been caught in what popular blogger Sandra Rose calls “blog wars,” (ie: Charli Baltimore, Kanye West, Ne-Yo) Bobby V seems to have his wits about him with the statement “When nobody is talking about you you’re cold as ice.” “When people are talking about you at least you’re on their minds,” says the former DTP artist. “People keep telling me “Bobby you need to start some controversy”…. “you need to go slap somebody” (or) “you need to get locked up or something.” Click Here to see what else Bobby has to say about blogs, his new album “The Rebirth” and Barack Obama. Bobby V’s new album “The Rebirth” hits stores and digital retailers Feb. 10 via Blu Kolla Dreams.


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