“Me Time” On A Budget

Need to get away? Feeling stressed and overworked? Most of us experience these feelings every now and then. Unfortunately, with the current state of the economy, very few of us can afford to fly off to an island or spend a day at the spa. There are several inexpensive ways to get in some ‘me’ time without breaking the bank:

Go to a movie: You can go to a matinee showing of the latest movie for as low as $4.25, depending on your location. A movie theater is dark, nice, and relaxing. You will become too engulfed in what’s happening on-screen to even think about your problems, and may even find yourself laughing, depending on what movie you see, and laughter is always therapeutic.

Take A Bath: Remember the old Calgon commercial, “Calgon, take me away!” A nice hot bath with aromatherapy candles always soothes the aches and pains and relaxes your mind. Turn off the lights, throw on some nice relaxing Eric Benet’ or Dwele, and wash all of your troubles away.

Let Your Mate Give You A Massage: Have your man or woman give you a massage. After all, you’d do it for them! It’s free and probably something that you’ve earned anyway. Just close your eyes and let the magic hands of the one you love ease your aches and pains.

Eat Chocolate: Have you ever noticed the feeling of euphoria you get from eating a piece of chocolate? Though the feeling may only last a couple of seconds, it’s still very relaxing. Don’t overdo it though!

There are plenty of ways to get in your ‘me’ time. Even if it is only for fifteen or twenty minutes, enough time to rejuvenate and relax in today’s stressful world. —— By: Tiffany H.


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