Exercising Your Mind

Being fit and physically healthy is essential in every individual’s life. But physical exercise is not all your body needs. It is also equally important for your mind to get a daily workout. Exercising your mind can greatly improve the overall health of a person.

Muscles become weak, dull, and less efficient when not used on a regular basis. This is much the same for your mind: it needs to be exercised daily. Mental activities have the ability to increase and maintain your memory capacity; they also stimulate the brain, allowing it to function better. These exercises do not have to be complicated. In actuality, most of them can be games. Sudoku, jigsaw, crossword, and word-phrase puzzles sharpen your mental functions because of the complex challenge they pose to your brain.

But you have to be careful when choosing the types of mental exercises you do. Only completing puzzles or deciding to spend the majority of your free time reading will not be greatly beneficial; repeatedly doing the same activities will only work out certain portions of the brain. For this reason, it is much better to add a good dose of variety to your daily exercises. For instance, if large amounts of your time are spent in science based classes, try listening to music, playing a game (video games count), or taking up a new hobby. Even after you add diversity, you should also regularly add new activities; switch out one exercise for another or find a new one altogether.

Physical exercises should not be counted out. Jogging, taking a walk, and riding a bike, among other activities, strengthen the heart and are the first steps to developing a healthy mind and body. Both mental and physical exercises should be accompanied by a healthy diet that consists of fruits and vegetables. Foods such as these provide vitamins and antioxidants to the body, which improve the brain’s functionality and the body’s digestion.

Everyone, regardless of age, should try their best to take the time out to exercise both their minds and bodies. Doing so will leave you looking and feeling better about yourself. —— By: Bethany N.


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