mySTYLE Celebrity of the Week: Marvelyn Brown

Empowering, bold and relentless in the fight to take on HIV&Aids, Author and Emmy Award winning AIDS Activist Marvelyn Brown has faced the truth that so many struggle with everyday.

With the release of ‘The Naked Truth: Young, Beautiful and Positive’, Marvelyn Brown bravely became a face that has been admired and written about since the 2006 MTV special ThinkMTV.

After being diagnosed with HIV as a teen, Marvelyn Brown wanted to give up until finding the strength, one day, to stand tall and move forward with life. Penning a nearly 250 page book, Marvelyn told Essence recently “I spent weeks feeling enraged before I finally faced the truth: I had made the choice to have unprotected sex.”

While we are still living in a world where HIV and AIDS remain taboo subjects that families, friends, neighbors, peers and even the church whispers about, Brown’s book has shed light on the very important fact that ‘1 in 5’ people with HIV don’t know they’re positive. Bottom line, people are struggling everyday, not just on World AIDS Day, which happened to be earlier this month.

As Marvelyn wrote in a blog entry, ‘people around the world are becoming infected and dying from disease daily,’ therefore our silence is our poison. We must become vocal about HIV/AIDS prevention if not for ourselves, for our daughters, for our sons and for their children.

Young, Beautiful and Positive, Marvelyn has shown us that beauty does not fade with HIV/AIDS. Inside and out, Marvelyn Brown’s beauty has shown throughout her work.

Lets hope that Marvelyn’s wish of seeing AIDS “talked about all the time and in the same way those eye-catching beer commercials that make you laugh or those movie trailers that remind you that the hot new Denzel flick is coming out” will come true. – it is however up to you to make that happen.

Actor and recording star Ludacris (Christopher Bridges) is even among those who have endorsed Brown’s phenomenal book, he says “Marvelyn Brown takes a bold approach to speak to our youth with enough honesty and frankness, everybody should be listening! She is an inspiration to men and women everywhere!”

For more information on Marvelyn Brown or her book: The Naked Truth, co-authored by Courtney Martin, please visit —— By: Njai Joszor


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