mySTYLE Celebrity of the Week: Vivica A. Fox

Actress, Producer, and Reality Television Host are just a number of titles that can be bestowed upon one of Hollywood’s leading women – Vivica A. Fox.

You may call her Viv, Auntie Viv, or just Vivica as she’s known for breaking ground across color lines, age lines, and every other line in between. Taking a page from history dating back to the 1920s some may even call Vivica A. Fox one of today’s femme fatales – albeit a more modern and seemingly immortal femme to ‘box office poison’.

Reaching nearly every age group from teenagers to women in their 50s, Vivica A. Fox embodies what it takes to stay in the game. In fact she taught us all about the art of love and war in the popular films ‘Two Can Play That Game,’ where she mapped out that infamous ’10 day program,’ and ‘Three Can Play That Game,’ a sequel that Fox produced.

So what is the key to Vivica’s success? How does the ‘Kill Bill’ star keep heads turning ?

By focusing on longevity: “You have to look at longevity and not just the moment. Don’t look at the small picture, look at the big picture,” says Fox.

While that statement may sound cliche’ Fox admits taking sound advice from a good friend when she became frustrated with the ‘powers that be’ in Hollywood:

“Watch what the next generation is doing and stay young as long as you can. You’ve got plenty of time to play somebody’s mama, somebody’s grandmamma. Look at who’s hot and stay in their rear view mirror. Look at what they’re doing – stay right there with them and sooner or later you’ll be beside them and then maybe you’ll go in front of them. But as long as you stay in the race, you’ll be all good.” – (Langfield Entertainment/2005)

With a number of NAACP Image Awards on her mantle, a VH1 reality series entitled “Glam God,” and a bevy of co-produced films on the way, Vivica A. Fox has won the game and shows no sign of bowing out anytime soon.

As the ‘Shante Smith’ actress says in Two Can Play That Game, “I’m a sista. An educated strong sista. Who remembers where she came from and knows where she’s going.” —— By: Njai Joszor


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