Voting: Back to the Basics

Now that you are (hopefully) registered to vote, it is extremely important that every voter knows the specifics of the issues at hand. Oftentimes, elections turn into personality contests or situations in which voters display racial or gender solidarity with a particular candidate, regardless of the stances each nominee takes on subjects that would greatly affect them. At such a time as this, voters need to be well informed in order to make the best possible decision for both themselves and their communities. So, here is a quick and simple rundown on certain topics and the views both Presidential candidates hold concerning each.

The War in Iraq

Senator McCain: Was in support of the United States going to war in Iraq. He believes the U.S. should remain in the country until the Iraqi forces can protect themselves from outside and inside threats of terrorism.

Senator Obama: Opposed the United States going to war in Iraq. Obama believes the U.S. should set a reasonable timetable to begin pulling soldiers out of Iraq in an effort to hand the Iraqi government back to its people.

Post-Secondary Education

Senator McCain: Proposes a program that will aide low income students with online educational options like tutoring, ACT/SAT prep, and credit recovery; to fund the mentioned options, the program will provide these students with a $4,000 grant. Additionally, McCain plans to push for “virtual schools” that would provide students with online courses. Through these courses, students will have the option to simultaneously complete high school and college curriculum.

Senator Obama: Will support programs that encourage low income students to seek a college education. Furthermore, for students who decide to attend college, he proposes a tax credit program that will allow students to attend community colleges for free and reduce the costs of attending a public university by two thirds. Also, students and their families will no longer have to apply for federal financial aid through the current process. Instead, parents and students will only need to check a box on their tax forms in order to apply for aid.

Health Care

Senator McCain: Proposes a program that will provide individuals and families with a refundable tax credit between $2,500 and $5,000 that will go directly towards their health care costs. McCain plans to make health insurance “portable,” meaning, coverage that moves with the individual from job to job. Individuals and families will be able to choose their health insurance from any state as well.

Senator Obama: Proposes that all health insurance companies be required to cover pre-existing health conditions, allowing for more individuals to receive insurance. He also plans to allow employees, who do not receive any or a sufficient amount of coverage from their employers, to receive a portion of their employer’s payroll, which would go towards their health care. Additionally, Obama plans to lower the costs of medical drugs and create a program in which both business and individuals will be able to purchase affordable health insurance.


Senator McCain: Is against abortion, but believes it should be available and legal to women who have become pregnant due to rape or incest or whose pregnancy is life threatening.

Senator Obama: Supports abortion and believes that it is solely a woman’s right and decision as to whether or not she wants to have children. —— By: Bethany N.


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