20 04, 2017

Sometimes, We Don’t Just Play Music

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Iconic artists have a habit of influencing the things we listen to. It's inherent in their job description, after all. Some of the biggest stars out there have branched out beyond their hits and instruments, and have got us all playing their very own branded games, too. The following artists have provided an entirely new dimension to fans who just simply [Read More]

13 01, 2017

‘Urban Myths’ Episode Featuring Tacky Michael Jackson Portrayal Canceled Following Backlash

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Rejoice, MJ fans! After all the backlash, British broadcaster Sky Arts has canceled the upcoming episode of "Urban Myths" that features white actor Joseph Fiennes playing the King of Pop....

12 01, 2017

Paris Jackson Offended By Joseph Fiennes’ Portrayal of Her Late Father, Michael Jackson

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As most people disapprove with Joseph's Fiennes' portrayal of the late Michael Jackson, it turns out his daughter Paris Jackson feels the same way, and understandably so. Paris, 18, is vehemently against Fiennes' casting as her father in the British comedy series Urban Myths..

11 01, 2017

Fail! Check Out Actor Joseph Fiennes as Michael Jackson In ‘Urban Myths’ Trailer

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Welp, this is a bad as we thought it was going to be...Almost exactly a year ago, it was announced that Shakespeare in Love actor Joseph Fiennes, who happens to be white, was cast to play Michael Jackson in an upcoming British comedy.

17 11, 2016

Janet Jackson’s Baby’s Name Will Have “Something To Do With” Her Late Brother Michael Jackson

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Well, this is simply precious. According to E! News, Janet Jackson is planning to name her forthcoming bundle of joy (whose gender is yet to be publicly announced) in relation to her late brother, the King of Pop Michael Jackson.

21 07, 2016

SMH: Conrad Murray Writes Tell-All Book About Former Patient Michael Jackson, Calls It ‘This Is It’

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As if he wasn't one of the most hated men in the world already, Michael Jackson's former doctor Conrad Murray is prepping the release of a tell-all book about his superstar patient called (get this) "This Is It"...

11 02, 2016

Miguel Slated For Michael Jackson ‘Off The Wall’ Tribute At 2016 Grammy Awards

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At this year’s Grammy Awards, the Grammy academy will throw a tribute to Michael Jackson in honor of the reissue of MJ’s 1979 album, Off the Wall, and it’s been reported that Miguel has been tapped to sing “She’s Out of My Life” from MJ’s hit 1979 album.

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