21 10, 2015

It’s A Wrap! Jay Z’s ‘Big Pimpin’ Case Dismissed By L.A. Judge

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Just last week, Jay Z (Sean Carter) took the stand in court for a copyright infringement case over his 1999 hit “Big Pimpin,” and now it’s over.

15 10, 2015

Jay Z & Timbaland Begin ‘Big Pimpin’ Copyright Infrigement Court Case

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Jay Z (Sean Carter) and Timbaland’s (Timothy Mosely) copyright infringement case regarding their 1999 hit “Big Pimpin” finally made it to court.

25 03, 2015

Top 5 R&B Artists That Helped Transformed Jay Z Into a Super Rapper

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The former street hustler from Brooklyn is also known for his collaborations with several artists, spanning across multiple genres. However, when Jay Z collaborated with R&B artists, his career elevated because he garnered more female fans

14 03, 2015

More Music Copyright Drama: Jay Z Agrees to Pay Royalties for Sample on ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’

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Jay Z has agreed to split royalties with 78-year-old Swizz musician Bruno Spoerri

30 01, 2015

Mo Money: Jay Z Offers $56 Million Bid For Swedish Streaming Company Aspiro

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He’s already delved into professional sports management, nightclub ownership, clothing lines, and record labels, now he has his sights on Aspiro, a Swedish company that controls streaming services Wimp and Tidal.

6 11, 2014

Battle of The Boroughs! Can Jay Z Get His Spirits Game On Track Like Diddy?

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When it comes to hip-hop and dollar signs, you can’t mention Diddy without bringing up Jay Z. The rap and business mogul continues to make additions to his empire, and his latest venture will heighten the competition against Diddy in the spirits world.

17 07, 2014

Jay Z’s Official ‘Made In America’ Trailer Featuring Janelle Monae, Rita Ora, More

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Check out the official trailer to Jay Z's upcoming concert documentary "Made in America," directed by the great Ron Howard. Now in its third year, the film focuses on last year's festival (2013), which is in conjunction with Budweiser and Live Nation.

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