11 02, 2013

Grammy Recap: Frank Ocean is a New Type Of Artists…A Glimpse Into The Future

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The shy and humble Frank Ocean is a new type of artist. He is new in a way that is fresh and free from the confines of what we expect from an artist. Mr. Ocean is not flashy or a slick talker.

8 02, 2013

Is Frank Ocean Destined For Greatness As We Approach The Grammy Awards?

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Frank Ocean has been winning throughout 2012 and it seems like he will continue to win in 2013. It's not just that he is an amazing singer-songwriter, but it's that he knows exactly what he wants and will not settle for less.

28 01, 2013

Once Lost Frank Ocean, Nas Collab to Eventually Be Released

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A song called “No Such Thing as White Jesus” was supposed to be on Nas’ 2010 release Life Is Good, but the song was left off due to a mix up with the music files as they were temporarily lost.

14 01, 2013

Frank Ocean – Pink Matter (Remix) Feat. Big Boi & Andre3000 (Outkast)

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The production of "Pink Matter" sounds like an Outkast track that should feature Frank Ocean. Though Andre 3000 and Big Boi did not hit the studio together, the end result was solid as fans wait for the group to unite.

3 01, 2013

Andre3000 & Big Boi Appear on Frank Ocean’s “Pink Matter” Remix

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As if Frank Ocean's and Andre 3000's collaborative song “Pink Matter" from Ocean's Grammy-nominated album Channel ORANGE wasn't good enough, now the other half of Outkast will be on the song!

3 01, 2013

Frank Ocean’s Run In With the Law Was Not “Sex” Related

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Rumors that Frank Ocean and a male friend were pulled over on Monday for "suspicious behavior" can now be put to rest after California Highway Patrol issued a statement to CBS Local explaining the routine traffic stop.

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