20 08, 2012

Chaka Khan to Celebrate 40th Music Career Anniversary with Year-Long Celebration

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Chaka Khan Enterprises announced today (Aug 20) that the ten-time Grammy winner will acknowledge her longevity in entertainment and media with a year-long celebration that will include a new album and international and US tour.

29 06, 2012

Chaka Khan to Launch Fragrance Line, Dishes about Multiple Projects

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Ms. Chaka Khan is on a roll. Along with losing 60 pounds and working on new music, the legend is now joining the club of celebrities with their own signature scents. Ms. Khan will soon launch a fragrance line called Khana Sutra.

19 06, 2012

Chaka Khan Readies ‘SuperLife’ Commencement Address

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Grammy Award winning legend Chaka Khan will salute 33 women of the greater New Orleans community and their remarkable life changing achievements in the first graduation ceremony to be held at this year's 18th annual Essence Music Festival.

11 05, 2012

Chaka Khan Gets Healthy, May Land X-Factor Judge

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Soul legend Chaka Khan has lost upwards of 60 pounds, and has been wowing audiences everywhere lately. Those close to the singer say she has a different outlook on life ever since being sober from alcohol and drugs for nearly eight years.

14 02, 2012

Chaka Khan Disgusted With Clive Davis Over Grammy Party

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Chaka Khan is disturbed by Clive Davis' decision to proceed with his annual Pre-Grammy party the night of Whitney Houston's death. According to Khan, the whole idea of having a party in the same hotel, just hours after a death, is insane.

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