2 08, 2012

Beyonce to Donate Music Video For World Humanitarian Day

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Superstar Beyonce has teamed with The United Nations and humanitarian aid organizations for a global campaign, which aims to shine light on humanitarian work and encourage people around the world to get involved by doing something good for others.

2 08, 2012

Beyonce Readies ‘Documentary’ For Hollywood?

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Is Beyonce following Katy Perry and Justin Bieber with plans to release a major documentary in theaters ? According to recent reports, the "4" diva is not only producing the feature, she is also directing.

26 07, 2012

Beyonce Sets August Date for Surprise ‘Footprint’

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What is going on in August ? According to Beyonce's official site, something big will go down August 19. In a message posted Wednesday, the "Love On Top" singer said "leave your footprint on 19 August 2012."

16 07, 2012

Beyonce Joins Obama Campaign, Thanks First Lady in Video

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Beyonce has joined the Obama-Biden campaign. At least that is how it looks in a video released Monday. Speaking highly of First Lady Michelle Obama, Beyonce says "she encourages me."

2 07, 2012

BET AWARDS 2012: Beyonce Wins Best Female R&B, Video Director of the Year

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Beyonce won the Best Female R&B award at the 2012 BET Awards. In her acceptance speech, she says she “fell in love with music by listening to R&B. It’s the core of who I am.”

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