21 10, 2014

Tamar Braxton Talks New Album Release, Communication and ‘Tamar & Vince’

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Fresh off her new single, "Let Me Know," Tamar Braxton and her hubby, Vince Herbert, are working towards the release of her next album. A follow up to the "All The Way Home" featured album, "Love & War," Braxton's next album will be released in 2015.

13 10, 2014

Tamar Braxton Soars With “Let Me Know” Debut Performance

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As the baby of the Braxton dynasty, Tamar brought "HerMeShe" attitude to the stage. Despite the Twitter uproar she experienced this past week, the “Love and War” singer received full-house applause after demonstrating her moves on stage.

6 10, 2014

Tamar Braxton – Let Me Know Ft. Future

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Sampling Aaliyah's hit "At Your Best (You Are Love)," by way of Mtume's "You Me and He," "The Real" co-host and "Tamar & Vince" star takes on the feel-good jam with confidence as she coos about working harder at her relationship.

29 09, 2014

WEtv Sets Premiere Date For ‘Tamar & Vince’

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Tamar Braxton and Vince Herbert are returning to WEtv for an all new season of their hit series in less than a month. According to the network, the anticipated season will premiere Thursday, October 23 at 10 pm ET/PT.

11 09, 2014

Tamar Braxton Talks Divorce Rumors on ‘The Breakfast Club’

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Tamar Braxton says she and her husband, Vince, argue, but they have a lot to argue about. Sitting down for a chat with "The Breakfast Club" this week, "The Real" co-host explained that they argue, but are still best friends.

14 08, 2014

Tamar Braxton On ‘Braxton Family Values’: Respect and Sisterhood

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The sisterhood on "Braxton Family Values" has changed a lot. According to Tamar Braxton, who appeared on the Tom Joyner Morning Show Thursday, things have changed because everyone is now a mother, wife and career woman.

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