4 11, 2015

Where’s The Kickstarter Album? TLC Slammed By Fans Who Feel They’ve Been Scammed

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Initially the project was due out in September 2015, and then it was changed to October 2015. Well, both months have come and gone with no album in sight, and fans are getting (understandably) concerned.

22 01, 2015

Success! TLC Reached $150,000 Goal For Final Album Kickstarter Campaign

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Just a few days ago on Jan 19, the group posted a Kickstarter campaign with the objective to raise $150,000 in 30 days. Only three days later, at the time of this writing, they’ve surpassed their goal..

15 07, 2014

Backlash Following Rihanna Controversy: TLC’s T-Boz Says Cyber Bullies Are “Cowards”

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TLC member T-Boz made a recent appearance on "The Daily Helpline" to discuss the controversy surrounding a young lady, who was captured breastfeeding her baby at her graduation, but she also found herself discussing the social media uproar launched by Rihanna and her followers

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