[EXCLUSIVE] Lovely Hoffman Talks ‘My Black is Beautiful’ Single/Video, Self-Esteem, Teaching, & More

Educator and R&B singer/songwriter Lovely Hoffman is an exquisitely beautiful artist who would like to spread an empowering message to young minorities who are dealing with self-esteem issues. To do so, Hoffman featured her seventh and eighth-grade students in her video “My Black is Beautiful.” The lyrics in the song displays the importance of self- love, believing in yourself, and boosting your confidence. Hoffman explained the concept of the song, “There is a strong correlation between self-esteem and student achievement, and as an educator, I believe it is my duty to not only ensure students are excelling academically, but are also comfortable and confident in their own skin.”

The single also allowed Hoffman to develop a curriculum on self-love, redefining the word, “beautiful,” for her students. “My Black is Beautiful” challenges people to look beyond the societal standards of beauty.

Singersroom.com conversed with the seasoned Boston educator and singer about the inspirational record, students in Boston, and what more we should expect from Hoffman.

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 “My Black is Beautiful” Single – The song meant a lot to me because I understand why young ladies are struggling with beauty and self-love. Some of the girls may not have long, straight hair or be fair-skinned. I was one of those girls. I am a dark-skinned girl with African features who didn’t fully embrace my beauty at first. I wrote the song so I can spread the messages to other girls who are dealing with the same issue.  I just want young ladies to remember ALL black is beautiful. In songs, we are bot told how black is beautiful and we needed to be reminded of that as well. It will prompt women to realize how they need to redefine the word “beauty,” and how “their beauty” is unique.
Creating a Video for the Single – It was an amazing time for my students. They enjoyed making the video and being featured in something that’s so empowering.  It was an eight-hour photo shoot, and my students were eager to learn more about the process of creating a video.  They learned about design, lighting, editing, and acting with a full dialogue. It was great to include the students I teach in this special project.

Uplifting Message for Young Ladies –  I know the song touched the young ladies in my class because they were teased and picked on because of their skin color, hair texture, and appearance. Self-love and self-worth are still a struggle; it is still a struggle as a community.  Colorism is real and white supremacy is the root of everything. But when you get in tune with yourself, your self-esteem changes, your standards change, and you have a good sense of how to love yourself fully.

Connecting Music with Education – Anything that I do as an artist, I strive to bring to the classroom while teaching to my students.  I like to teach concepts using music or music-related subjects. It can be used as evidence to support an idea. You can also use visuals to show how it relates to students’ everyday life. I took my students to see Speakeasy Stage Company’s musical production of The Color Purple and had a discussion afterward about the play and what messages were transferrable in this medium. It can be a challenge juggling music with teaching because you have to balance everything. It can be quite busy because you have performances, interviews, and making lesson plans. But God is good! I truly love what I do, and I am living in my passion. It is truly a blessing that I truly appreciated every day. With everything I do, I have a sincere and genuine heart and would like to continue to have a great impact in my community.

Music can open the heart and the mind, and it can be receptive academically. An artist can come up with material that is powerful. So as an artist and teacher, it is my responsibility to be a part of something that will make children better, improve their conditions, and change their outlook on life.

Engaging Students in the Classrooms – It’s important for teachers to realize you have to be engaging and real with students. Students are very aware of the teachers who really care for them, and those who are just there for show, or present for their selfish reasons.  I understand it’s a different time, so I allowed my students to use social media and technology if it corresponds with the lesson. Sometimes, I do have to tell them to put their smartphones away and pay attention. But as an artist, I always incorporate art because it’s a part of who I am.  Art will definitely be a part of the lesson. I realize when I include art in my work, more students are investing in what they are learning in the classroom. As long as kids are heard, valued, loved, and appreciated, more than likely, they will be receptive to the teacher.

Upcoming Projects in 2017 – I’m working on an EP later on this year. The EP will focus on social change. I also premiered the “Black Lives Matter” video. I am also an actress and playwriter, so I am writing for another production. I am just working, performing, and teaching my students.  I also still travel to various places to reach out to the youth and share my message about why “My Black is Beautiful.”

To learn more about Lovely Hoffman visit www.LovelyHoffman.com.