The Weeknd is Reincarnated in “Starboy” Music Video

Either The Weeknd is finally getting to be himself or he’s pushing the creative envelope. Either way, the music video for his latest single, “Starboy,” featuring Daft Punk, shows a new and rugged side of the Canadian singer/songwriter.

In the reincarnated visual of sorts, directed by Grant Singer, the “Can’t Feel My Face” hitmaker kills his old self, a dreaded Abel, only to ignite his new “Starboy” persona. This version of The Weeknd seems to be fresher and flyer in style, more confident, and tougher (we won’t say gangsta).

Not only does he kill his old self, in the clip, he also destroys every property or awards that his old self acquired, including his house and platinum plaques.

The Weeknd will perform his new single and debut another new song live on the season premiere of “SNL” this weekend.

Starboy, his next album, is slated for Nov. 25.

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