Aaradhna Tackles Stereotypes & Colorism In ‘Brown Girl’ Video

Last month, Aaradhna released her soulful album Brown Girl along with the title track, now here’s the accompanying video.

Aaradhna usually stays quiet about her experiences because of her introverted nature, but says she is now ready to share “where [her] heart and head are at.”

The single “Brown Girl” tackles stereotypes Aaradhna and many other women have faced being “brown girls.” The message? That she’s more than just the color of her skin. “I’m a girl that likes to sing,” she passionately declares on the chorus.

“God, please help them see, they ain’t no different from me / Not above not beneath, teach them equality,” she sings on the first verse. “And if you don’t know by now, time will show you what I’m talkin’ bout,” she sings on the bridge.

“Brown Girl” follows her rhythmic single “Welcome To The Jungle.”

Purchase Brown Girl on iTunes HERE.