Toni Braxton’s Mother Evelyn On If Her Daughter’s Dating Birdman: “I Hope So”

The Braxton family matriarch, Evelyn, visited The Rickey Smiley Morning Show recently with two of her daughters Trina and Towanda Braxton.

Host Headcrack asked if the dating rumors were true about Toni Braxton and rapper/mogul Birdman, to which Mama Evelyn replied, “I hope so. I think he is a nice man.”

Say whaaaaat!?

When the rumors hit, fans were scratching their head; with his rough image and her glamorous image, what could these two possibly have in common (other than, you know). But hey, if Evelyn thinks he’s a catch, maybe the world SHOULD put some respek on his name!

Soon, the convo switched to if one of the sisters would be on “The Real” next season since their sister Tamar was given the boot.

“I think the chances are slim and none,” Trina said. “When something like that happens to your family it’s very personal. When it comes to business and when it comes to family, family comes first every time.”

Watch the entertaining interview below: