Beyonce Breaks The Internet With Surprise “Pro-Black Trap” Video, ‘Formation’

What better way to spur more excitement for Beyonce’s appearance with Coldplay at the SuperBowl 50 Halftime show than with a surprise video!?

As speculated, Beyonce HAS been busy with new fierceness in the form of “Formation,” a surprise song/video dropped today, and it’s Beyonce like you’ve never heard her! Even though she’s one of the biggest stars in the world, seemingly removed from the “common people” and our issues, she sends a message that lets the world know she knows what’s happening.

In the video (filmed in New Orleans), Bey proudly claims her culture and heritage, and the current issues it faces. In one scene, she floats on top of a cop car sinking in what can be represented as the flood waters of Hurricane Katrina. In another scene, a little boy dances in front of a line of rogue cops, who end up being the ones who throw up their hands to surrender. “I like my baby hair with baby hair and afros,” she sings as her daughter Blue stands proudly rocking an afro (a reply to the many people who criticized her for how she styled Blue’s hair), and she mentions her Alabama and Louisiana roots.

“I’m a star, cause I slay,” she sings on the Mike Will Made It-produced song, and at one point, the spray-painted words “Stop Shooting Us” across a white wall flashes across the screen.

Singer-songwriter Pierre King (@itsPierreKing) fittingly called the song “Pro-Black Trap” and also had this to say:

Says it all!!!

No word on if Bey will perform this song at the Super Bowl 50 Halftime show today, but with this surprise video (and the Coldplay video which dropped last week), the world will DEF be watching to see!