Tank Visits ‘The Breakfast Club,” Talks TGT Break Up, Support In R&B, His Sexcapades, More

With his new album SPL2 out and poppin’, Tank visited Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club this morning (Feb. 2) to chat with Angela Yee, DJ Envy, and Charlamagne Tha God to catch up on it all; the TGT breakup, getting support in R&B from black audiences, even current gossip regarding Kanye West and Amber Rose’s recent social media exposé.

About the breakup of TGT, Tank didn’t go too deep into the cause, but he insinuates the tiff stems from difficulties working with Tyrese demanding more money due to his box office success. “On a certain level you do kinda have to respect it ‘cause his individual bottom line is different than out bottom line, I get it, I understand it. But it’s the sacrifice of being in a group,” he explained.

In the past, Tank has been vocal when venting his frustrations about the lack of monetary support from black fans when buying his music. So to combat that, he explains how he strategized to release more mainstream “turn up” songs to draw people in, comparing it to Usher’s “Yeah,” the only “turn up” on his 2004 LP Confessions.

The hosts even asked Tank about his thoughts on the recent Kanye West and Amber Rose revelation about their past sex lives, and convo turns….Well, just watch lol

Tank is always a fun character, so you know the laughs run deep! Peep the entertaining interview below: