K. Michelle Calls Out The Success Of Adele & Other ‘Blue-Eyed Soul’ Artists — “Some Bullsh*t”

K. Michelle (being her usual outspoken self) has chimed in on the ever-going conversation regarding successful white singers like Adele and Sam Smith, who thrive in R&B music, while talented black artists don’t get the same recognition.

During a recent Q&A with fans, Michelle was asked about the current state of R&B music, to which she said, “They allow white people to sing our music, [but] blue eyed soul is some bullsh*t,” she responded. “Yeah, I said it.”

She specifically called out Adele’s single “Hello,” calling it B.S. “‘Hello,’ that’s some bullsh*t, sorry,” K. Michelle continued. “It’s a great song, great artist, but if a black girl was to sing that very song, it would not get played on the radio.”

The reason for the disparity? Michelle says it’s the lack of support from black fans. “We sit around and call our very own artists flops,” explained K. Michelle, “but we’ll run and go buy some blue eyed soul…They don’t have to destroy us, because we destroy each other.”


Tank also addressed the issue on his recent interview on The Breakfast Club, calling out all the black fans who like the music, but don’t support it with their dollars.

What do you think, Roomies? The “black dollar” has been proven over and over again that it DOES make a difference….