Rihanna Reflects in Short ‘AntiDiary’ Promo Video

To promote her upcoming album ANTI, Rihanna begins her partnership with Samsung and drops the first entry in her ANTIDiary, a one-minute clip that has the singer reflecting back on her life.

Based on her album cover art inspired by artist Roy Nachum (which features an image as a child with a crown over her eyes as she holds a balloon), the clip titled "The Bedroom" is symbolic to the beginning of RiRi's life/career. The wispy, white room oozes innocence as RiRi interacts with two children under the bed's blankets. The word "Barbados" is scribbled on the wall, and the children lead her into the hallway and leave her a key with "R8" attached to it, where "child-self" appears in the dark room that's attached.

It’s all in anticipation for the release of her album ANTI, which is assumed to arrive soon, becuase Rihanna and Samsung will release more short clips to her ANTIDiary in days to come.

Check out the symbolic clip below: