Following her 2006 sophomore album, The High Road, and three mixtapes, JoJo is coming out the gate hard!

After much anticipation and teasing, the singer-songwriter releases not one, not two, but count ‘em: THREE singles to jumpstart the mega-promo for her upcoming album — enter Say Love,” “When Love Hurts,” and Save My Soul,” a trio of tunes from the 24-year old singer showing her growth and still-stellar vocals.

“Say Love” is a Harmony Samuels-produced anthem encouraging the love to flow, while “When Love Hurts” is formatted perfectly for mainstream radio (expect a video for that coming soon). “Save My Soul” is an emotional plea from heartbreak with a catchy “oh na na na na na na, yeah” that has mass appeal.

The newly-signed Atlantic Records artist joined the label in 2014 after a tense departure from Blackground Records.

Stream the songs and let us know what you think of JoJo’s new offerings!