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Sammie – Show Me ft. Ying Yang Twins


Sammie – Show Me ft. Ying Yang Twins

Sammie’s playing the name game again…

He started off as the precocious teen singer Sammie, then changed his stage name to Leigh Bush about a year ago, now it’s Sammie again. “Oh and ‘Sammie’s Back,’ he wrote on IG a few days ago.

So with that being said, SAMMIE has teamed up with ATL duo the Ying Yang Twins for a raunchy single “Show Me,” a club banger that has them yelling “to the window, to the wall”!

“You got the motion, your sex is the potion, now grind it on me,” he sings before the Ying Yang Twins unleash their southern rhymes.

Peep this banger by the newly renamed Sammie…

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