Bobbi Kristina Suffers Multiple Seizures After Doctors Attempt To Wean Her Off Coma-Inducing Drugs, Nick Gordon Continues to Tweet Frustrations

In an update on Bobbi Kristina’s condition, it doesn’t look good…

Multiple publications such as CNN and People are reporting that Bobbi Kristina suffered multiple seizures after doctors tried to wean her off of the drugs that keeps her in a medically-induced coma. She still remains sedated in a coma.

An unnamed family source tells People that the seizures were "violent," forcing doctors to put her back on the coma-inducing drugs.

According to medical professionals and brain injury experts who spoke to People, weaning BK off of the drugs let’s doctors see how she would react if she were to emerge from the coma.

Last week, doctors removed her breathing tube in a standard procedure to prevent infections, clear the lungs of fluid, and protect the vocal chords.

Meanwhile, Nick Gordon, Bobbi’s 25-year-old boyfriend has been venting his frustrations on Twitter about not being able to visit her in the hospital, claiming her family is banning him. BK’s father Bobby Brown says he hasn’t been banned, rather Gordon “refused to meet the terms of any possible agreement.” Those terms are speculated to be that Gordon must speak with police about his involvement in the incident that mysteriously left BK unresponsive in her bathtub on Jan 31.

Recent tweets from Gordon include:

“I fight for my baby @REALbkBrown even though my is full of angry against the world. It's teaching me how to be the person I need to be.”

“I miss her so much I seem so weak right now”

“Im tatted with Bobbi Kriss and Whit how can you say the things you say. The human race should be destroyed.”

“My heart is full of angry after the Browns have shut me out they don't even know her. Sabotage.”

“Humans are so phony.”