Beyonce Makes Surprise Walmart Appearance, Buys 750 Fans $50 Gift Cards

by DJ JusMusic 0


Beyonce keeps the surprise coming, but this time she adds an Oprah styled act of kindness.

On Friday (Dec 20.), Queen B visited a Walmart store in Tewksbury, Massachusetts to show love to her dedicated fans, and during her stop, she purchased copies of her new album, Beyonce, which went on sale today in Walmart, and has sold well over a million copies on iTunes.

But get this – Blue Ivy’s momma also made her presence felt by announcing on the store's intercom system that she was giving everyone gift cards…this is after she wished everyone a happy holiday.

Beyonce’s holiday giving blessed 750 fans with a $50 gift card each – If you do the math that’s $37,500.

Talk about promoting your music and brand the right way!