R. Kelly Talks New Mariah Carey Album, Release of Black Panties

R. Kelly is not only readying the release of his anticipated album, "Black Panties," he's also busy working on new music with Mariah Carey.

Confirming the fact that they are collaborating at Sunday's American Music Awards, Kelly said it was just an honor to even get the call to work with Mariah Carey.

"Mariah is a genius in her own right. Not just vocally though. She's very talented. A lot of people don't know she writes her own songs. She choreographs. She puts her show together. She has hands on everything when it comes to that music," Kelly says in the clip below. "I was honored to even get a call to work with her and be in the same room with her."

Also discussing his forthcoming album, "Black Panties," Kelly told Jordin Sparks and Lance Bass that it's "basically 12 Play upgraded."

"Black Panties is going to be something like the 12 Play. If anybody out there knows about 12 Play then you know about Black Panties because basically it's 12 Play upgraded, like an Apple phone that's got new apps on it," said Kelly. "I remixed my whole career and did Black Panties because everybody kept saying when are you going to do another 12 Play album? So, Black Panties. It's good to be back."