Bobby V Breaks Down Inspiration Behind Forthcoming ‘Peach Moon’ EP (Video)

Upon hearing his new song “Back To Love,” you’ll instantly notice a different sound from Bobby V. The singer is upon a new musical era; farewell to the days of electronic instrumentation, his new love for tickling the ivories and performing with a live band has inspired him to bring back a live sound to music that is rare on today’s musical landscape. “I started to kinda wanted to do this kind of music that people would really gravitate to, music that would be classic, music that would last forever, not for just a year or two,” he explained.

Now working under his own label imprint Blu Kolla Dreams, Bobby V is making music he wants to make. Free from major label constraints, Bobby says he now can be true to himself, and that means shying away from what’s hot on the radio. “I felt like I was really doing the people an injustice on my behalf by kinda sticking to the format of what everybody else was doing,” he reveals.

Bobby’s switch of musical sound reflects in the EP’s title, Peach Moon, saying the name divinely came to him one night, and it was a done deal when he looked up the meaning. “The peach was the first fruit eaten on the moon when man first went to the moon…so I really think God gave me that name because this is the first of me doing something,” he explained.

Look out for Peach Moon this summer towards late June/early July, and meanwhile, watch Bobby break down the inspiration behind his new venture.