Jodeci Booed Off Stage at Wembley Arena in London (Video)

After drug and alcohol abuse, we heard the members of one of the greatest R&B groups of all time, Jodeci, were receiving help and getting back on track for a reunion, but it looks like that reunion went awry.

As part of a lineup that consisted of R&B groups of their era, groups like SWV, Dru Hill, and Blackstreet, Jodeci was booed off stage last night (March 23) in London at Wembley Stadium. Concertgoers tell The Running Lip that Devante was a no show, so that left the remaining members K-Ci, JoJo, and Mr. Dalvin. Audience members said they were singing off key, and at one point, Mr. Dalvin jumped off stage, only to have trouble getting back on. Dru Hill had to take the stage to finish up Jodeci’s set.

A fan in attendance tells The Running Lip, “They were singing the classics and everything was good until Mr. Dalvin jumped off the stage and couldn’t climb back up. Then K-Ci & JoJo took the solo and couldn’t keep it together. They missed all the notes they were singing. Dru Hill had to take over and sing their own songs for them.”

Fans reportedly began to leave while the debacle took place on stage, and Twitter blew up with reactions.

“I don't get why #Jodeci are still being booked for shows though. Aren't there enough YouTube videos showing what condition they're in?” one tweeter said.

Another wrote, “Some US artists need to realise that this isn't 1995. You can't roll up on stage late/high/sloppy & not feel the wrath of the crowd. #Jodeci.”

It’s sad to see some of your favorite music artists fall from grace. Do you think Jodeci can return to their former glory?