Kimberley Locke Debuts & Stars in One-Woman Cabaret Show

Kimberley Locke may have started off on a show full of singing contestants vocally sparring for the spotlight, but now she has her own show AND spotlight: her own cabaret show. The project’s been in the works for years in conjunction with musical director Rick Leonard, and it finally debuted at Aventura Arts and Cultural Center in Aventura, Florida. In the show, Locke sings and shares stories of her encounters with legends such as Whitney Houston and Donna Summer, both of whom passed away earlier this year.

After opening night, the season 2 American Idol third place finisher chatted with friend of Singersroom and creator Chris Yandek about the show’s inspiration, inception, and future, which she aspires to take to a Vegas venue. “I want people to see my personality and think I’m funny. I like the intimate theater and I can see the people’s faces and tell them personal stories,” she said.

One of those stories include a tale about her being on a flight to Nashville with a familiar face, and initially not being able to put her finger on who the person turned out to be: legend Donna Summer. “That happens when you see people out of context. You don’t expect to see Donna Summer on a plane, you know, going to Nashville of all places. I didn’t expect it, but she was very gracious and it was just one of those moments that I’ll never forget,” she reflected.

To listen to and read the full interview, click here.

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