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Kelly Drive – Off Dat


Kelly Drive – Off Dat

The break-up/make-up game can have anybody’s head spinning in circles. But Kelly Drive is over that tomfoolery according to their “Off Dat” single. The lead singer is not only over it, she’s onto someone else.

The group sings about the new 6’1″ cutie, who’s taken the place of the reject who left them shopping away the pain, who is also a “no good cheating liar” and a “waste” of time.

One can only hope that a song written about your cheating ways can act as enough of a wake up call for you to get it together.

Kelly Drive is a 5-member female group from Philly. Check out the first release off of their AutomoKILL:Speed, Thrills & Long Nights trilogy…the SPEED EP! Get your free copy here.

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