Ray Lavender – The RNB Hustler [PREMIERE]

R&B singer/Reality TV star Ray Lavender releases the brand new mixtape ‘The RNB Hustler.’ The new effort features remakes of songs like Chris Brown’s “Strip,” Rihanna’s “Cake,” and Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend,” and boast collaborations from rapper Rock Ross and crooner Akon.

Lavender recently spoke to Singersroom about R&B, insisting the genre is “Not Missing anything.”

“R&B is not missing anything. It’s just not being played,” Lavender told Singersroom. “Tank is still making dope music! Keith Sweet is still making music! R&B is just not being played … don’t get it misconstrued. I told my team let’s go get Tank for some real R&B music. Now we have a lot of kids that are calling in for Cash Out, Future and 2 Chainz. It’s good music but younger fans control radio and music. If that’s what they request they got to play it. Back in the day we used to dedicate R. Kelly’s Bump & Grind to our girlfriend Keisha on the radio. There was different music for different situations.

‘The RNB Hustler’ is the prequel to Lavenders forthcoming self-titled EP, which is due out August 21st.

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