Beyonce Launches Tumblr Account, Shares Personal Photos

DJ JusMusic Thu, Apr 05, 2012 GossipComments
Beyonce Launches Tumblr Account, Shares Personal Photos
Beyonce is finally stepping into the social network world. The international superstar, who has yet to personally use her Facebook or Twitter profiles, recently launched a new Tumblr account to help celebrate her four years of marriage with husband Jay-Z.

Her new Tumblr profile shares exclusive performances, private messages and news updates. "I Am ...This is my life, today, over the years - through my eyes. My family, my travels, my love. This is where I share with you, This will continue to grow as I do. Love Beyonce," the singer wrote.

Indeed the photos share her life with family and friends, including sister Solange Knowles and nephew Daniel Juelz.

Check out the Tumblr with photos HERE.

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