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Chris Turner – Monk Tape NY Session

Mix Room - R&B Mixtapes

Chris Turner – Monk Tape NY Session

A lot of fast paced, paper thin R&B songs on the radio seem to have been manufactured in the same dreary “music factory.” However, the Bay Area native, Chris Turner, has cooked up a tasty and refreshing blend of funky jazz that our generation is missing.

Chris says, “I was kind of taken back when I saw the great response especially coming from folks who are more on the Hip Hop, R&B and even Pop side. They can appreciate the past and they can relate to my version.” It doesn’t take Thelonious Sphere Monk to appreciate this work of art in the form of a jazz mixtape. He was gracious enough to share his jazzier side and after a listen you might view this genre in a unique light. Enjoy!

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