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Usher Claims Mom Agreed To Terminate Relationship


Usher Claims Mom Agreed To Terminate Relationship

Contrary to popular belief Usher says his mother and former maanger, Jonetta Patton, agreed to terminate their relationship (business-wise) years ago. Claiming to need her as a mother only at this stage in his life, Usher says “I can have many managers, but I can only have one mother. And having been introduced to these new stages of my life where I do need that support, that’s where I need her.” As far their agreement, Usher says “It was an agreement between the two of us…. but that message has been misconstrued because we just never chose to have a conversation in public about our relationship.” Usher released his latest effort, “Raymond V Raymond,” in March. The album has sold over 400,000 copies, spawning the singles “OMG,” “Hey Daddy (Daddy’s Home),” “There Goes My Baby” and “Lil Freak”.

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