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Double Brown: Chris Brown Slides Through Two New Videos


Double Brown: Chris Brown Slides Through Two New Videos

Get ready for a double dose of Chris Brown, the R&B star has shot two new music videos over the last week including the T-Pain helmed song “Freeze.” ‘Freeze’ is one of those songs that kind of reminds me of the ’80s, with the visual effects and everything. It’s one of the records that me and Pain got to collaborate on, just like ‘Kiss Kiss.’ Brown told MTV. The video, which becomes a follow up to T-Pain’s “Can’t Believe It,” showcases a dancing Chris Brown but suprisingly the ‘rappa turned singer’ T-Pain is busting some moves as well. “I’m probably the fattest person on camera. There’s so many crumpers, and you got pop-n-lockers. I can’t do a damn thing” says T-Pain who tries his best in the video that he says was inspired by a conversation with Brown. In related news, Brown has also shot a video for a new single with Keri Hilson entitled ‘Super Human.’ (pictured above) Lensed by Erik White, “Super Human” features a distressed Keri Hilson who is saved by Brown. Both videos are expected to premiere within a few weeks.

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