Chante Moore Says Jennifer Lopez Stole Her Song

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Chante Moore Says Jennifer Lopez Stole Her Song

Chante Moore has joined the list of singers who have allegedly had their songs stolen by Jennifer Lopez this week. According to a recent interview with NPR, Lopez's breakthrough single "If You Had My Love" was Chante Moore's second single !

"I wanted to sock him in the head," says Moore when asked about the song which was written by Rodney Jerkins (Brandy) then later re-written for Lopez.
According to Moore, her second single entitled "If I Gave Love" was almost identical to Lopez's 1999 hit "If You Had My Love" which resulted in Moore's single being shelved.
"We should have been aggressive instead of backing off our single, we backed off of it because J.Lo had such a machine at the time. We should have just stepped out," says the singer who recently released a new album.
Possibly referencing the debacle in her new single "It Ain't Suppose To Be This Way," Moore blames Jerkins and Sean Diddy (Puffy) Combs for the song which catipulted Jennifer Lopez to the top of the charts, leaving the "Chante's Got A Man" singer to fend for herself.
"I heard that it was because Puff Daddy walked in and heard my song and said, 'I want that song.' [Rodney] was like, 'Yeah, it's already taken. We wrote that for Chante.' And [Puffy] was like, 'Yeah, mmm hmm, I want that song.' So Rodney wrote really the same song," the singer explained, before adding: "Hers, I can't even remember. It's so close I can't even sing it right now. Same song!"
Moore has released four albums since the "If I Gave Love" situation, the replacement single for "If I Gave Love" entitled "I See You In A Different Light" failed to achieve the top 10 success of "Chante's Got A Man."
Chante Moore's "Love The Woman" is in stores now.

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